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Welcome to Dimestore, where I’ve been publishing small press and indy stuff since 1986! I’m starting to get all my publications that are available – available again. I’ve also got a page set up to display my songwriting and poetry. My current creative project is the TimeTrvlr minicomic series. I hope you’ll check it out!  -Ian Shires

116 pg GN, 6×8″ B+W. By Ian Shires, additional art by Emily Hoover, Greg Rush, and Kenney McCulloch. First Printing, 100 copies signed and numbered, March 2013.

The complete Smiley’s Comic series, 9 issues (#9 was never printed separate as a minicomic). Smiley wakes up to find out he’s a cartoon character, and has time travel powers. Wild hijinks ensue, as he meets up with Herman Hanks at the center of time, and they embark on a journey to join our reality. Events from the past are given new light, realities are changed, time loops are set in motion, and spirituality is confronted. 

Print edition: $10.00 postage paid! Signed and numbered!

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PDF edition: $4.00

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