Dimestore is roaring back to life, with a new minicomic series for the ages! Things are going to get complicated at the center of time!

8 page minicomic, B+W. By Ian Shires.

13 years after the end of Smiley’s…Comic, Smiley wakes up only to learn that there is still a time bomb coming for him. Get ready for some wild stories as we return to the center of time, and learn all kinds of new things!

Print edition: $1.50 postage paid! Signed and numbered!


PDF edition: $1.00


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Subscribe to TimeTrvlr! It’s a monthly minicomic series, and I mean it! Currently Scripted through #9, and finished art through #6. I will mail them to you as they come out, for as many issues as you subscribe to! Just enter the number of issues you want to subscribe for (up to 12 – 1 year) – discount price of $1.25 per issue, at some point I will be upping the page count and per issue price, so lock in your savings! All issues will be signed/numbered!