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The Wall of Sound

Throw a rock watch the ripples move out
An accepted and dealt with intrusion
Put a finger on the wall of sound
See the same or is it illusion
     Dare to put your hand in too
     What if something grabs hold of you
     What if you stepped into the wall of sound

See the colorswirl maze begin
Clearly there is more there than meets the eye
The clues to secrets blink true then fade
They want to tell you you will never die
     Dare to ask what they want of you
     is there something that we should do
     I have come to climb the wall of sound

What’s a barrier – what’s a barrier for
And the portal – with the tight locked door
With the right key you get to go where no one has before
…But you won’t come back to tell the tale…

It is talking calling out your name
Some say the future and the past are one and the same
Destiny’s guidance surely seals your fate
Done come alone…or is it too late…
     Dare to stand on a wall of sound
     Really take a good look around
     You’re brought right back to the shore…

Throw a rock watch the ripples move out…


(c) 7/17/97 By Ian Shires

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