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I feel your Heartbeat – from a distance – synchronizing
I don’t even know who you are – Oh…But I’ve known you forever
And you know the truth of the soul that we share
in our darkest hours we’ve always been there – knowing that we’d find each other
     Betrayals can’t kill – The faith in our eyes
     Misplaced trust unfortunate – but we know where destiny lies
     And the moment we meet – The proof it was true
     It will be redemption for all that we’ve been through

This song I’ll sing – for you – let it echo in time yet to be
A beacon for forever only the other could say was true
you are the love…. That I’ve searched for…..

This much I know – today – as I put the words on the page
no distance is too far to cross in my journey to you
this song for my true love…. It will be you I adore…..

Come to the edge of the unknown and there I’ll take your hand
We’ll do the leap of faith together – take our final stand
You’re the stranger within that I can’t do without
I know you’re out there of that I’ve no doubt
     Betrayals can’t kill – the faith in our eyes
     Lost time must be given meaning – the maze of riddles, whys
     Will be answered the moment we meet – and the proof it was true
     Echoes forever our redemption for all that we’ve been through


(c) 8/7/97 Ian Shires

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