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Madness Reigns

The Day is done – all that’s left is the closing down
can’t we leave for tomorrow – what should be finished now
have we not worked hard – peeled skin worked these fingers to the bone
No it leaves me no comfort – as I walk off alone
oh watch out tomorrow – I’ll be comin’ to give a show
cause that’s all that is left me – the empty charade
     Madness reigns – in the land of the free and brave
     Keep a firm grasp on your soul – for that’s all you can save
     Madness reigns – yes we’re serving the chaos lords
     See the twinkle in their eyes – turn into the flash of their swords

Impaled on the truth – and it pales by comparison
to the dream that still dances – in the back of my mind
have we not been strong – in the face of incredible odds
yes watch us keep laughing – at the jokes of the gods
Oh watch out tomorrow – I’ll awake with that smile on my face
you’ll see that I’ve lost my hold – in free fall I go
     Madness reigns – in this world the ends are frayed
     you can look back on the journey – to see where destiny’s made
     Madness reigns – yes we’re serving the puppet kings
     see the glint of their pearly whites – as they’re pulling the strings

I stand before you with nothing to prove – nothing to lose
and the name I’ve made for myself says it all
oh watch out tomorrow – if you come I will put on a show
as I jump through the hoops of the day – I’ll send my message clear


 (c) 4/15/99 Ian Shires


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