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Only This Moment

The darkest moments of foreboding
      are spent contemplating change
There are hints of the better world
     floating about and they drift in and out of range
But everything is intangible
     you can’t grab hold of anything
So time controls what you think about
     there’s no telling what the future will bring
          We only have this moment
          to seize any control
          So I choose to look at you
          Listen to echoes of your soul

Though we’ve been together these million years
That which is familiar always seems new
There’s no way to erase the heartaches or fears
but we can show ’em how our love grew

The fearful moments of torture
     that lead up to making a change
shout for the chance for a better world
     where it’s ok to embrace the strange
And when everything goes intangible
     you think you’ve lost sight of everything
Don’t let time control what you think about
     we’re gonna find out what the future can bring
          And we only have this moment
          to enjoy what our choices have made
          So I’ll spend this time with you
          and let everything else fade

(c)2/28/2013 Ian Shires


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