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Make the World a Little Better

© 11/3/2015 Ian Shires

Hell’s in the details -you can’t forgive or forget
All the time that’s been wasted on a moment’s regret
You may beg for the power –to change what could have been
But all you do is wallow in your personal sin

And we rise in the shine of a brand new day
Looking for something different to say
don’t you see what it meant for me to try
To make the world a little better before I die

You can pay any price –cause you’re not born with wealth
Everything is given to you even your mental health
The only way to move forward is to unlearn what they taught
And search for the secrets everyone else has forgot

Hell’s in decisions –you make out of fear
Playing safe is only the enemy getting near
If you don’t think you have the power –you can’t change anything today
And your hopes and dreams are the real price that you pay

Each day we rise in the shine of new chance to take
Don’t let your heart be the one that you break
Clearly see what I do every day to try
To make the world a little better before I die

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