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And the tide began turning just as I turned way
Yes I thought it’d keep rising, perhaps wash me away
Where I’ve gone isn’t comfort, what I feel is sad
Should have tried to hold on to the things that I had
       And that which is lost will never be seen again
       There is no cost I could pay that would take me to then
       When I could have said something but said nothing at all

And what would I do there knowing what I know now
I couldn’t promise forever without breaking that vow
Cause the winds keep on changing, don’t know which way they’ll blow
Sometimes you don’t notice the divergence – off you go…
       and what you thought you had has been gone for so long
       You just don’t understand how you could have been so wrong
       And end up talking to yourself in the words of some song
       Where you think you’ve said something but said nothing at all

And the plot of destruction that comes from the stranger within
Sets yourself up for failure way before you begin
Watch it drain in a spiral and go where’ll never be seen
Ask yourself in a mirror who you are and where you’ve been
       and everything you know in an instant will blur and turn gray
       Yes the tide began turning just as I turned away
       I wish I knew for what I’ve been searching to say
       So I could have said something when I said nothing at all

And there’s nothing to do but to go on from here with a smile
Unashamed of the failures of how to myself I’ve been vile
My strength is returning as I go to walk my final mile
Somehow I think I should say something
But I’ll say nothing at all


I Said Nothing          (c) 12/30/96 By Ian Shires

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