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Listen to this while you’re alone
Close your eyes you’ll see me in the back of your mind
Reaching out—cause I know what it’s like to be alone
We’re dancing in a shower of stardust—maybe
This is how I’ll traverse distance, time
I’m stronger than the gravity that keeps my feet on the ground

Listen to this when you’re afraid
Take a deep breath and hold it till that feelings gone
You’re only trembling because you think you’re afraid
You gotta keep on dancing in stardust—baby
Your crying for protection echoes endlessly
You know your cry will someday reach sympathetic ears

And it’s nice to have that kind of security
Echo for eternity—yeah
It’d take a time warp to reach you
So if anyone can do it then they surely will
You may never know how hard they had to try to be there

Listen to this while you reflect
On the universal mirror both good and bad
Memories are the only thing you’ve got to protect
So keep on dancing in stardust—maybe
You will understand what I’m trying to say
I don’t want for anything but for some more time to play


Listen to this      ©11/27/95 By Ian Shires

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