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I look at – the satellites – the things that swirl ’round me
All the familiar ones’ve swung out of reach – i can no longer see
How they pulled – while they pushed – yes they all had gravity
     We are magnets – we are wired
     the energy is inspired
     I can feel the pull of new things – drawing near

I’m an orbiter – I’ve been orbited
I’ve been flung through the great unknown
On a collision course with my destiny
What’s going to become of me
     Nothing means nothing till you give it meaning
     Nothing means nothing I’m standing here screaming
     Nothing means nothing when you’re in free fall
     The pushing the pulling the thrill of it all

The wounds I have won’t heal – so this is how I feel
I’ll collide any moment with something so very real
I suppose then I’ll know if it’s true if it’s so
I’m a victim to how the winds blow
     We are challenged – we are lonely
     I must believe I’m not the only
     One who can feel the pull of new things – drawing near

I’m no satellite – I’m no center
My size and scope change over time
Casually accepting or rejecting fate
My fear is I’ll be too late
     Nothing means nothing till it’s given meaning
     Don’t know what is real in awake or dreaming
     Nothing means nothing if there’s no shared feeling
     In vertigo warp the mind begins reeling


NOTHING MEANS NOTHING          (c) 2/16/96 Ian Shires

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