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I watched it slip – through the crack
I cannot reach the knife in my back
I can’t believe – that it was you
I could just drop dead, man – we’re through

I have no friends – no one to trust
They all gave in to dirty lust
When will I get – the things I lack
I cannot reach the knife in my back
    Tell me once again that we’re blood brothers to the end
    Our childhood dreams are gone like our games of pretend
    Tell me once again that you’re sorry I’ll say it’s true
    You wasted everything for nothing but that’s what you do

I felt the pull – gave it some slack
Didn’t even feel the knife in my back
It all makes sense – now that I know
You lost my sympathy on with the show
    Tell me once again how it wasn’t under your control
    Don’t you feel the lies as they eat your soul

There’s been a knife in my back – twisting so long
I couldn’t feel the pain – couldn’t tell what was wrong
And the world’s been black – a cold hated place
All the evidence of weakness was right on your face
    I will mock you forever – unforgiving


The Knife in my Back        (c)2/28/97 Ian Shires

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