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Shed a little light on the shadow
Show ’em all it’s not really there
It doesn’t change in light or darkness
Visual trick if you stare…
    Right at the truth – it’s purely subjecture
    Paid for the seminar – missed the lecture
    The truth doesn’t change – if you think you know it
    Don’t speak it unsure – cause you’ll surely show it
    Changes – the perception of truth

Surely there’s nothing I can say for sure
I’ve recorded the moments but they’re all a blur
They change – cause my memory sees what it wants to

Surely you want to know just the facts
But light through perception is just showing cracks
It’s strange ’cause my memory says that it’s true

Shed a little hope on disaster
Show ’em all it just makes you strong
It doesn’t change the hurting or failure
but it’s possible that I’m wrong…
    Aim for the truth – it’s all that has mattered
    Since the moment – my life – it shattered
    The truth doesn’t change – but how can we know it
    If the things we perceive simply don’t show it

    Strain for the truth – it’s the greatest treasure
    With your wealth of knowledge live your life of leisure
    The truth stays the same – but do you really know it
    Don’t speak it unsure I tell ya you’ll blow it
    Changes – the perception of truth


The Truth             (c) 4/26/97 Ian Shires

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